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Build Your Rainy Day Fund

Like an emergency fund, it can come in handy. August 17, 2018 Sometimes, life gets expensive. A little bad luck or a twist of fate can hit us right in the checkbook and challenge us to live within our budget. An emergency fund may help us handle major financial disruptions.

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Starting a Roth IRA for a Child or Grandchild

This early financial decision could prove profoundly positive over time. August 17, 2018 Do you have a child or grandchild earning some income? Indirectly, that after-school or summer job might present a savings opportunity for that teenager. You could help your child or grandchild save for future goals by assisting

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Retirement in Sight – July 2018

Monthly News and Information for Current and Future Retirees Presented by UPAL – JULY 2018 QUOTE OF THE MONTH “Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.” Auguste Rodin WHY TAKE ON DEBT TO HELP YOUR KIDS WITH COLLEGE? An unsettling trend is emerging among pre-retirees

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