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The Sequence of Returns

A look at how variable rates of return do (and do not) impact investors over time.  Provided by UPAL What exactly is the “sequence of returns”? The phrase simply describes the yearly variation in an investment portfolio’s rate of return. Across 20 or 30 years of saving and investing for

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Before You Claim Social Security

A few things you may want to think about before filing for benefits.  Provided by UPAL Whether you want to leave work at 62, 67, or 70, claiming the retirement benefits you are entitled to by federal law is no casual decision. You will want to consider a few key

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Retirement in Sight – July 2018

Monthly News and Information for Current and Future Retirees Presented by UPAL – JULY 2018 QUOTE OF THE MONTH “Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.” Auguste Rodin WHY TAKE ON DEBT TO HELP YOUR KIDS WITH COLLEGE? An unsettling trend is emerging among pre-retirees

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