The Private Bank – Bank of Oklahoma

Banking Services
Greg P. Lee
Senior Vice President


Private Label Checking: Combining the high rate of money-market fund with the convenience of a checking account, Private Label Checking was created exclusively for high net worth individuals who need more sophisticated banking services to help manage their wealth.

Certificates of Deposit: Earn competitive interest rates with a broad range of maturities to allow your money to grow.

Comprehensive Online Tools: Electronic banking services are designed to let you access your money.

24/7/365 Customer Service: Not only is your Private Banker always at your disposal, you also have year-round access to specifically trained decision makers at our ExpressBank.

  • Personal Loans and Lines of Credit at competitive rates
  • Home equity lines of credit that can provide additional financial power and tax benefits
  • Mortgages on primary and vacation homes
  • Stock Option Financing for purchase of company stock
  • Business checking
  • Management of Working Capital
  • Automatic Cash Sweep Accounts
  • Commercial Loans
  • Professional Practice Lines of Credit, Equipment and Real Estate Financing
  • Corporate Visa®; Business Insurance Services; International Financial Services.