Managed Care Contract Review

For over 25 years, UPAL has been applying its proprietary contract review system, designed by professionals for the benefit of professionals. Benefits include:

  • Quick turnaround on analysis – even prompt fax analysis available
  • Comparison of new contract terms to previous contract terms
  • Database of previously analyzed contracts for quick reference and comparison
  • Quantitative & qualitative analysis
  • Flags to alert professionals to potentially problematic contract terms

UPAL’s contract review service for non-members costs $150 per analysis per practice of one to five professionals. For each additional physician in the practice beyond five, add $20 per analysis with a cap of $500 per analysis per practice. To have a contract reviewed, fax a review request on your letterhead, along with a copy of the complete contract, to 918-747-5596, or call UPAL, 918.747.5585 (toll-free, 800.259.6262).

View a sample contract: