COVID-19 Message

March 17, 2020


UPAL is here to help you.

Just a brief note to hopefully provide you with a bit of assurance as you attempt to navigate and cope with the impact of the Covid-19/Corona virus. UPAL is open and available to assist you and plans to remain available throughout the duration of this crisis.

Our priority has always been to provide for the needs and safety of our customers. We are fortunate that our technology enables us to fulfill this goal without putting you at risk. Our technology enables us to maintain communication with you and to meet your need in a “business as usual” fashion without requiring you to travel to our office for an in-person meeting.

For your convenience, our contact information is listed for whenever you need to reach us.

UPAL main telephone: (918) 747-5585                  UPAL fax number: (918) 747-5596

UPAL web site:

Lea Ann Nunley, Vice President                             Kent Butcher, President

Cell number: (918) 237-9945                                           Cell number: (918) 521-3224

Email:                                                Email:


We stand ready to talk with you and help answer your questions.