Changes to UPAL Alternative Investment Fund

Please be advised that changes will be made to the UPAL Alternative Investment Fund this week.

The BOKF Asset Allocation Committee recommended reducing the allocation to PIMCO All Asset and increasing the allocations to iShares S&P Global Infrastructure ETF and Diamond Hill Long Short. These changes bring the allocations within the UPAL Alternative Investment Fund more in-line with the Committee’s views regarding equities and fixed income. After the changes are implemented, the Fund will have a slightly higher allocation to higher volatility alternative investments, instead of lower volatility alternative investments.  Within pre-determined allocation ranges approved by the UPAL Financial Management Committee and Board of Directors, BOKF has discretion over the underlying investments held by UPAL funds and models.

See the attached PDF for more details. If you have any questions about these changes, please do not hesitate to contact Lea Ann Nunley, Vice President, Retirement Plan Services at 918-747-5585.