New Start Right Website Update


As a valued BOK Financial client, I wanted to make you aware of a change in the timeline associated with the launch of our new and enhanced Start Right website.

Our most important objective is to deliver an exceptional product.  In order to achieve that, we have decided to extend the launch date to later in the fourth quarter.  This later date will provide us additional time for testing and verifying deployment protocols to ensure we are delivering that exceptional product.

We know everyone is excited and anxious for the new website and we believe this additional time will help make the site well worth the wait.

Before the end of the year, you and your plan participants will have access to plan information in a way you never had before. Some of the great new tools include:

–          My RetireRight Planner: An online tool right that lets your plan participants easily track their progress in meeting their retirement goals. They can even see how changing elements of their plan will improve their ability to meet their goals, like increasing deferral rates, changing investment allocations, and other variables.

–          Sponsor  Alerts: As a Plan Sponsor, when you make changes to the plan, you’ll be able to post an alert for all your plan participants to see the next time they log in to the Start Right website. This new feature will provide you an additional resource to communicate plan information to your plan participants.

–          Increased Reporting: New “as of” and “date range” options allow participants and sponsors easier access to various pages and reports. As a plan sponsor, you can also track how your participants are using the website in order to provide reports on retirement planning engagement.

–          Step-by-Step Transactions and Enrollment: The new website offers more step-by-step instructions on making transactions, and also offers easy online enrollment for plan sponsors who offer that functionality to participants.

–          Mobile Access: Plan participants can view their retirement information on the go with the mobile version of the website. Instructions for downloading the iPhone or Android smartphone app will be available later this month, via the Start Right homepage.

As we approach our launch date, you will receive another notice from me with a link to a Plan Sponsor Communication Toolkit with resources for you. The toolkit will include sample emails, internal articles, posters and other tools to help you communicate this change to your plan participants.

Our goal is to provide you, as plan sponsors, an exceptional website with the tools your plan participants need to be engaged in their retirement planning. We believe our new Start Right website will be just that. We look forward to sharing it with you very soon. If you have questions in the meantime, please contact me.


Lauren LaBass

Bank of Oklahoma

Institutional Wealth Management