Group Purchasing Organization

Bridget Wilson

MediGroup and UPAL have partnered together with a wide variety of vendors to bring our members cost effective solutions to maximize office efficiency and savings.  Through UPAL’s partnership with MediGroup, one of the nation’s largest Group Purchasing Organizations, UPAL members and their employees are eligible for discounts on a large assortment of services such as shipping, textiles, and cell phone plans, as well as the Employee Perks Program.  For a full list of services and more information on the Employee Perks Program, please contact the UPAL office.

Through our partnership with MediGroup, UPAL members and their employees have access to discounts on your personal cell phone plans/bills. Members can save anywhere from 20-26% percent on their cellular bills with AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. For more information, please click the link below to view the flyer. Feel free to share with all employees of UPAL members to take advantage of these savings today!

Cellular – MediGroupAdvantage 2018