Asset Allocation Changes

Allocation Changes

The BOKF Asset Allocation Committee recently changed their strategic asset allocation guidance, based on the results from an updated portfolio optimization and asset allocation study.  These changes are recommended by the Investment Advisors of BOK Financial.

Strategic Allocation Changes

 The strategic allocations of the Conservative, Balanced and Aggressive Models will be changed as follows: the allocation to Alternative Investments is being reduced by -6%. This reduction is being reallocated +3% to the Core Bond Fund and +1% each to the Large Cap Growth Fund, Large Cap Value Fund, and Mid Cap Fund.

Alternative Investment Pooled Fund

BOKF also recommended changes to the UPAL Alternative Investment Pooled Fund, which is based upon the updated strategic asset allocation guidance as well as the need to further realign the active managers utilized in the strategy. The PIMCO All Asset Fund, Inst. and Ivy Asset Strategy, Inst. are replaced with AQR Managed Futures Strategy, Inst. and Calamos Market Neutral, I.