WealthBuilder Update

WB Update

September 2016

The Strategic Investment Advisors team at BOK Financial has implemented several changes to the WealthBuilder program. The changes are summarized below. Please note that the changes were implemented at the strategy level. Actual trades might vary in each account, depending on the account size and cash flows.


The Asset Allocation Committee at BOK Financial met last week and recommended several tactical changes. The Committee is modestly constructive on the market and decided to maintain an underweight in fixed income and overweight in equity as well as alternatives. The decision was made, however, to continue neutralizing certain tactical positions as returns are expected to be muted with higher volatility. As a result, the Committee recommended a slight increase to fixed income, developed international and emerging market equity, funded by a reduction in alternative strategies.

The changes are summarized below and are applied across the different investment objectives, if applicable.

Tactical Asset Allocation Changes

  • Broad Asset Class Changes:
    • Increased fixed income
    • Increased equity
    • Decreased alternatives
  • Changes within Fixed Income & Cash:
    • Increased US fixed income
  • Changes within Equities:
    • Increased developed international
    • Increased emerging markets
  • Changes within Alternatives:
    • Reduced alternative strategies

Fund Changes: None


The information provided in this was prepared by members of the investment management group, Strategic Investment Advisors (SIA), of BOKF, NA. This commentary is not a complete analysis of any sector, industry or security.
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Investments are not insured by the FDIC and are not guaranteed by BOKF, NA or any of its affiliates. Investments are subject to risks, including the possible loss of the principal amount invested.