Are You Prepared for a HIPAA Incident?

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Are You Prepared for a HIPAA Incident? Practices are finding out too late that they are not prepared for a HIPAA incident such as:

  • Lost laptop or smartphone
  • Computer virus (malware)
  • Patient HIPAA complaint
  • Business associate breach (EHR, practice management, billing)

Even changes made to address the Omnibus Rule in 2013 have not prepared offices for these incidents. In fact, the Office for Civil Rights has enforced new requirements in the past 6 months that most practices have assumed are optional because they are “addressable.”

The consequences are severe:

  • Fines starting at $50,000 for breaching less than 500 patient records
  • $250,000 in breach costs for 1,000 patient records
  • Loss of 50% of patients (due to switching providers after a breach)
  • Denial of cyber liability insurance claims due to negligence

HIPAA Risk Management is offering a free HIPAA Incident Assessment ($250 value) to UPAL members as a benefit of membership. This assessment will identify gaps specific to these top four incidents so that practices can find out if they are prepared before they have an actual incident.


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