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UPAL Partner HIPAA Risk Management is now LayerCompliance.

March 28, 2016

Phase 2 HIPAA Audits are scheduled to begin in early April 2016. Do you think you can prove your HIPAA compliance? With the new wave of audits, selected covered entities and business associates will provide documentation proving their compliance and showing they have implemented the HIPAA laws as required. Each organization will be given two weeks to provide the documentation or potentially face a full compliance review. So what will you need to show?

  1. Recent and comprehensive Risk Assessment and Analysis
  2. Customized, up-to-date policies and procedures
  3. Implementation documentation showing policies were followed
  4. On-going risk management documentation (month to month)
  5. Documentation of staff training

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HIPAA Risk Management is now LayerCompliance. New name, same great service.  Learn more about how practices can receive the expert help and tools needed to get in and stay in compliance.