Pre-Retirement Investing & Distribution Strategies Seminar

When building a retirement investment portfolio, it’s important to take a look at your overall investment plan and your risk profile. It’s all about creating a plan, balancing risk with the need for security. You also need to look at your spending plan and how much income you are going to need every year, and your sources of income, such as Social Security, a pension and your investments.

Investing is not a static exercise. Savvy investors understand that a well-rounded portfolio evolves over time to respond to a dynamic world and the changing needs of the investor. As investors face retirement, that reality is reinforced. Investment decisions take on a heightened level of importance for individuals and their families, and investment and asset allocation considerations change.

As investors approach retirement age, these decisions are complicated by the fact that many people receive large lump sums of money from 401Ks and profit-sharing plans. Allocating these new assets, and making strategic changes to existing investments to meet new and evolving needs is a critically important component of any comprehensive retirement strategy.

While everyone’s personal circumstances are unique and no single strategy is a perfect fit for every investment portfolio, join us as we discuss a few core principles that every prospective retiree should consider.

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